A Drone plugin for ntfy
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A Drone plugin for ntfy.

Find the container on docker hub.


The following is an example pipeline where we only send a notification

  - name:
    image: clortox/drone-ntfy
      URL: https://ntfy.clortox.com
      USERNAME: drone
        from_secret: ntfy_password
      TOPIC: drone-builds
      MESSAGE: Drone build done!
      CLICK: https://drone.clortox.com/tyler/drone-ntfy
      TITLE: Drone (Drone-ntfy)

A living, breathing example of this is in this repository's drone file.


There are several options that you can configure when sending the notification. Note that the ntfy Name is the name you will use in the settings section of your configuration.

ntfy Name Container Environment Variable Default Value Description
Priority PLUGIN_PRIORITY N/A Notification Priority
Title PLUGIN_TITLE N/A Title of the notification
Tags PLUGIN_TAGS N/A Emojis on the notification
Click PLUGIN_CLICK N/A URL to navigate to if the user clicks the notification
Attach PLUGIN_ATTACH N/A URL or localfile to attach
Icon PLUGIN_ICON N/A Icon to display
URL PLUGIN_URL ntfy.sh URL to send the notification to
Topic PLUGIN_TOPIC drone-notifications The notification top to send this to
Message PLUGIN_MESSAGE Pipeline Finished! The body of the notification
Username PLUGIN_USERNAME N/A The username to authenticate with
Password PLUGIN_PASSWORD N/A The password to authenticate with