A simple stack-based todo utility for linux
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A simple stack based to do program, for those that are easily side tracked (like me). Due to the nature of a stack, it will track how you got side tracked by pushing to it each time you move to a new task without completing it


make install
#install dmenu script
make install_dmenu

Usage and specifics

A stack operates as a FILO container. When getting side tracked when performing research, programming, etc, it can be hard to get back to the previous task. Therefore, you can simply push a task onto the todo stack. Each task is a 127 character string of what was just happening. Be creative, it can be line numbers of a file where you were working, the topic you were arguing in a paper, anything. Once you finish a task, you can pop it off the todo stack and get back to what you were previously doing. If you ever forget what you were doing, simply peek at the top of the stack to see what you're doing without removing it from the stack. Everything is kept in plaintext, so its easy to parse with other programs.

Everything is nicely wrapped up into a dmenu script as well, just call todo and a dmenu prompt will appear providing you with the push, pop, and peek options. The script also uses notify-send to let you know about updates to your todo-stack. To bind todo to a key, see the command xbindkeys on your distribution.